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Welcome to Atlas International Network! The owner of the networks Atlas Logistic Network, Alfa Logistics Family Alliance and Atlas Breakbulk Alliance.

Atlas International Network NV, with registered office at Santvoortbeeklaan 25, 2100 Deurne, VAT number BE0474037515, hq@atlas-network.com (hereafter “ATLAS”) is responsible for processing your data.

Our privacy policy explains how we process your personal information and what measures we take to protect your privacy when you use our website. As described in our privacy policy, you grant us permission to process your personal data. The information and details collected are necessary to provide you with the best service possible, or to execute the agreement and / or to comply with legal obligations.

Privacy policy

ATLAS, respects your privacy. In case you use our website or provide us your personal information in another form, you agree to this privacy policy.

With your ATLAS membership, you expressly consent to the collection use, disclosure and storage by us of your personal data, as described in this Privacy Policy. Every user who subscribed through one of our websites is considered as a customer of ATLAS and will be added to each mailing letter. You can oppose this in writing. An opt-out will also be provided in every mailing letter.

ATLAS is bound by, and uses your information in accordance with, the General Data Protection Regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive update to existing European Union laws that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU resident’s data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. The General Data Protection Regulation is accessible via the following website: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/en/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A32016R0679

Which data do we collect?

ATLAS collects data that are necessary to provide you with the best possible service or to comply with legal obligations. We can collect date through or website(s) or by a contact form. You can be asked to enter your name (first name, last name), e mail address, telephone number, company name, country you are located,…

What is the data used for?

With references to the law of December 8th1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, modified by the Act of December 11th, 1998 transposing Directive 95/46/ EC of October 24th 1995 of the European Parliament and the council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. The event attendant shall be informed that the organizer collects data and processes it in an automated file for security reasons. This law regulates the processing and the right to access personal data. The personal details received when filling out the application can be used by the organizer for promotional purposes. All personal data of these files are in accordance with the regulations of the law of December 8th 1992 concerning the protection of privacy. Each person entering one of our organized events agrees that he / she will be photographed and filmed and the images can be recorded and stored. These photos or film images can be used by the organizer to promote the event or events. Photos or films taken by visitors on the grounds during the event may not be used for commercial or public purposes, unless with the written permission of the organizer.

If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us, you can unsubscribe via the link in an email you received at any time. Indicate your communication preferences in your mailing account. Keep in mind, we do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your consent.


ATLAS has taken sufficient technical and organizational measures to ensure the safe processing of your personal data. These measures correspond to the nature of the personal data and are proportionate to the potential severity of the risk and serve to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification.

The risk of accidental or unauthorized destruction, loss, modification or access to and any other unauthorized processing of the data is limited to a minimum. Unfortunately, no risk can be completely avoided. If unauthorized access is obtained to the IT systems of (company name) we will immediately take all possible measures to minimize the damage to and / or theft of the data. If the rights of the data subjects have been harmed, a report of data leak will be made to the Privacy Commission as well as to the data subjects.


Unless, there is a legal obligation to keep your records, you always have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can send a request to exercise this right to hq@atlas-network.com. Your request will be handled as soon as possible, but within 4 weeks. Even if you have given us permission to use your data, this permission can be withdrawn at any time.


Our websites can contain hyperlinks to website from other parties. It is also possible that websites of other parties contain hyperlinks to one of our websites. ATLAS is not responsible for the privacy policy of the websites of those other parties, and the use of cookies on those websites.


ATLAS, may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We therefor advise you to read these regularly. Substantial changes to our Privacy Policy will be communicated on our website and through mailing list. The amended Privacy Policy will be effective immediately after it has been placed on our Website for the first time.

Cookie policy

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Conclusion agreement between ATLAS and agent

Details of publication will be requested before finalizing membership through a standard form the agents are obligated to fill in. All received details will be published in the portal, according to a standard style. You consent to have read our privacy policy regulations when you have signed the membership agreement.




The laws and regulations of countries make the payment or offer of payment or even receipt of a bribe, kickback or other corrupt payment a criminal offence. These anti-corrupt laws applied in each individual country make it a crime, for the purpose of influencing the acts or decisions of local or foreign governmental or political candidates, officials or foreign offices or embassy’s, to pay, offer or give anything of value.

The purpose to include this anti-corruption policy in our agreement is to ensure all employees, officers and director of your company and office are informed in relation to the anti-corruption policy of the Atlas International Network in this respect.


The anti-corruption policy of the Atlas International Network is applicable to all employees, management, BOD and owners of the company that is enrolled.


It is the policy of the Atlas International Network that all employees, management, BOD and owners and all persons that act as a representative, sub-contractor, agent, consultant or advisor of the company enrolled must comply fully with the applicable anti-corruption laws from their respective countries. Employees of the company enrolled are prohibited from directly or indirectly offering, soliciting or receiving any form of bribe, kickback or other corrupt payment, or anything of value, to or from any person, organisation or company, including governmental staff, agencies of authorities, private or public companies or employees thereof or any individual persons whatsoever.


The anti-corruption policy of the Atlas International Network  is applied worldwide without any exception.

Any direct or indirect payment of any type of anti-corruption, bribe, kickback or any other corrupt handling or payment that may be carried by third parties as subscribed under the section ‘policy’ is prohibited.

Any local anti-corruption policy in the country of the company enrolled or any international anti-corruption policy applicable by International laws, rules and regulations by the ruling Governmental Ministry or the International Chambre of Commerce will be applied in full by the Atlas International Network.


Members must refrain from posting messages on social media that can potentially tarnish the reputation of the Atlas International Network, or infringe on the rights of fellow members.
Moreover, members can never reveal network information on social media, not even after leaving the network.


01. Definitions

The terms indicated by an initial capital letter below shall have the following meaning in these General Terms and Conditions:

a. Account: the account created by the Buyer on www.atlas-network-group.com;
b. General Terms and Conditions: these General Terms and Conditions of Atlas International Network;
c. Event: the organised event, such as our Annual Global Conferences, for which Atlas International Network sells Tickets;
d. Buyer: the natural or legal person who buys a Ticket;
e. Mobile Only Ticket: ticket for a Mobile Only Event with an animated Atlas International Network banner;
f. Organiser: the natural or legal person who produces or organises an Event and is responsible for it;
g. Ticket: the document obtained via official channels that serves as admission ticket for an Event, including a regular Ticket and a Mobile Only Ticket;
h. Atlas International Network: the company Atlas International Network, having its registered office in Antwerp, Belgium;

02. Scope of the General Terms and Conditions

a. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all offers of, orders with, legal relationships and agreements in connection with which Atlas International Network delivers products or services of any kind to the Buyer, even if these products or services are not described (in detail) in these General Terms and Conditions. The Buyer will also be bound by (i) any special terms and conditions stated to be applicable to a Ticket and/or Event; (ii) other terms and conditions of the Organiser and/or Event; and (iii) any venue terms and conditions (including conditions of entry).
b. The applicability of other terms and conditions of the Buyer is expressly rejected by Atlas International Network.
c. The parties can only agree amendments with regard to the General Terms and Conditions in writing.
d. Atlas International Network is entitled to amend the General Terms and Conditions and to declare amended General Terms and Conditions applicable to Agreements. The amended General Terms and Conditions can be viewed on the website of Atlas International Network.
e. The General Terms and Conditions of the Organiser of the Event shall be applicable to the agreement between the Buyer and the Organiser. If they are not yet in the Buyer’s possession, the Organiser shall send the General Terms and Conditions of the Organiser to the Buyer at the latter’s request.

03. Formation of the agreement with Atlas International Network

a. The service that is provided by Atlas International Network consists of the distribution of Tickets. A Ticket is no more than a right to admission, in this case admission to an Event of the Organiser. The purchase of a Ticket gives rise to the formation of two agreements: an agreement between the Buyer and Atlas International Network and an agreement between the Buyer and the Organiser of the Event for which the Buyer has purchased a right to admission.
b. The agreement that is formed between Atlas International Network and the Buyer relates to the order and delivery process of the Ticket.
c. Tickets are sent to the email address or other address that the Buyer has stated in his or her account. Atlas International Network will continue to deem the e-mail address or other address stated by the Buyer to be correct.
d. The delivery terms stated by Atlas International Network shall never be considered final deadlines, unless expressly agreed otherwise. If delivery is not made in time, a written notice of default should be issued to Atlas International Network.
e. In the event that any delivery term is exceeded, this does not give the Buyer any right to compensation nor the right to cancel the order or to dissolve the agreement, unless the delivery term is exceeded to such an extent that the Buyer cannot be reasonably expected to uphold the agreement.

04. Formation of the agreement between the Buyer and the Organiser

a. The Buyer purchases a Ticket for an Event of the Organiser via Atlas International Network rk. This will give rise to the formation of an agreement between the Buyer and Organiser regarding rights and obligations in connection with the right to admission to the Event of the Organiser. Atlas International Network shall in that connection act as intermediary in the formation of the agreement between the Buyer and the Organiser and is not a party to this agreement. The agreement between the Buyer and the Organiser is formed after the Buyer has purchased one or more Tickets via Atlas International Network.
b. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, all offers, including adverts and price lists as stated on the website of Atlas International Network, shall be non-binding.
c. Before confirming his reservation, the Buyer must always check carefully whether the correct Tickets have been reserved. When making the reservation, the Buyer must always use a correct address (email or otherwise). If the Buyer opts to receive Tickets by electronic means, the risk of loss, theft or misuse of the Ticket shall rest with the Buyer from the moment that the Tickets have reached the Buyer. In the case of doubt concerning the correctness of the data that the Buyer entered when placing the order, Atlas International Network can contact the Buyer using the data that the Buyer entered. If Atlas International Network is unable to reach the Buyer and therefore is unable to verify the data, Atlas International Network can proceed to cancel the reservation and sell the Tickets to another Buyer. If Atlas International Network has any doubts concerning the correctness or the validity of the data entered by the Buyer when placing the order or the instrument of payment used by the Buyer, it shall have the right to cancel the Buyer’s reservation and sell the Tickets to another Buyer. Atlas International Network shall endeavour to inform the Buyer in such a case. All agreements are entered into subject to the condition precedent of sufficient availability of the products or services concerned.
d. Atlas International Network is entitled to set, independently and/or at the request of the Organiser, a maximum for the number of Tickets that can be reserved or purchased. In the case of specific grounds for suspecting misuse with regard to a circumvention of the set maximum, Atlas International Network shall be entitled to cancel, independently and/or at the request of the Organiser, the reservation of the Tickets or to invalidate the Tickets concerned in order to prevent the large-scale buying up of Tickets.

05. Prices and payment

a. Atlas International Network sells Tickets on behalf of the Organiser, which determines the price and the number of available places. Information on prices and availability is provided on a non-binding basis and may be subject to change.
b. The Buyer shall pay the price stated on the website for the products or services ordered by means of the website. Payment shall take place in the manner stated on the Atlas International Network website. Additional conditions concerning payment or ordering may be applied to the order.
c. All prices as stated on the Atlas International Network website are in euros including VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise.
d. Service charges are charged for each ticket and in some cases transaction charges and delivery charges will be charged for each order.
e. If the Buyer fails to pay the amounts due or fails to do so on time, the Buyer shall owe statutory interest on the outstanding amount without any demand for payment or notice of default being required. If the Buyer fails to pay the amount due after a demand for payment or a notice of default has been issued, Atlas International Network Atlas International Network shall be entitled to refer the debt for collection, in which case the Buyer must pay all judicial and extrajudicial costs, including costs charged by external experts, in addition to any costs determined at law.

06. Cancelled or rescheduled Events

a. It is the Buyers’ responsibility to check whether an Event has been cancelled or rescheduled and what the new time or location will be. Although Atlas International Network will try to inform the Buyer of the cancellation after Atlas International Network has received the required information from the Organiser, Atlas International Network cannot guarantee that the Buyer will be informed of the cancellation before the date of the Event. Atlas International Network cannot be held liable nor is responsible for any costs incurred by the Buyer.
b. The additional conditions of the Atlas International Network cancellation insurance shall apply to the agreement, if the Buyer has taken out cancellation insurance.
c. Tickets of rescheduled Events will as a rule also be valid for the replacement Event. If an Event is rescheduled for a different location or date, the Organiser can set conditions for repayment of the ticket price.
d. If an Event is cancelled or rescheduled, the Buyer can hand back the Tickets for this Event in accordance with the regulations determined by the Organiser. For the relevant terms and conditions, please see the General Terms and Conditions of the Organiser of the Event. If the Organiser requests Atlas International Network to refund the ticket price (in full or in part) to the Buyer, Atlas International Network will do so after it has received the amounts concerned from the Organiser. In case the ticket price is refunded by the Organiser, Atlas International Network will also refund service charges. Refunds will only be made through an online credit transfer.

07. Tickets

a. Depending on the type of Event, Atlas International Network offers the Buyer a regular Ticket or a Mobile Only Ticket.
b. An Organiser may choose to only issue Mobile Only Tickets for an Event to counteract unofficial resale. A Mobile Only Ticket has an animated banner with the Atlas International Network logo scrolling on the screen over the ticket. In case of a “mobile only” Event, the Buyer will only be granted access if he/she can show a Mobile Only Ticket. This means that the Buyer must be able to show a Ticket whereby the Atlas International Network logo scrolls across the screen. Taking a screenshot of a Mobile Only Ticket is therefore not permitted and will not be considered valid admission to the Event. Please note: only people who can show a Mobile Only Ticket with an animated Atlas International Network logo will be entitled to access the Mobile Only Event. The Buyer can contact the Atlas International Network for questions regarding Mobile Only Tickets.
c. In order to counteract unofficial resale, a Mobile Only Ticket may only be transferred by means of the options offered by Atlas International Network on www.atlas-network-group.com. The Buyer is not permitted to resell a Ticket
d. The Tickets distributed by Atlas International Network will remain the property of the Organiser. The Buyer should check this in the general terms and conditions of the Organiser, which are referred to on the Ticket (and during the ordering process). In the case of any (attempt at) reselling or commercial use in violation of the law or the terms and conditions of the Organiser, the Organiser shall be entitled to invalidate the Ticket concerned and/or to impose a fine on the Buyer. Holders of invalid admission tickets will be barred from entering the Event, without any right to compensation.
e. Immediately after receipt, the Buyer is required to check the correctness of the Tickets. After purchase, Tickets can no longer be exchanged or reimbursed.
f. Special requirements, such as reservations for wheelchair seating locations, must be expressly notified in a timely manner. Atlas International Network cannot guarantee that special requirements can be met. For more information on this, the Buyer can contact Atlas International Network.

08. Transferring Digital Tickets (eTickets and Mobile Only Tickets)

a. The transfer of a Digital Ticket via www.atlas-network-group.com is exclusively intended for transfer to friends or family. Therefore, only transfer Digital Tickets to people you know and trust.
b. When a Digital Ticket is transferred, the recipient will receive it to his/her e-mail address linked to the account created via www.atlas-network-group.com. By making use of the option to transfer a Digital Ticket, you exclusively grant the recipient the right to use the Digital Ticket. Please note: the Buyer of the Digital Ticket remains the official contracting party of Atlas International Network. This means that the agreement between you, as the original Buyer, and Atlas International Network and Organiser, including all rights and obligations therein, and all terms and conditions applicable to the Digital Ticket shall survive the transfer regardless of the number of times the Digital Ticket is transferred. In the event that an Event is rescheduled or cancelled, only the original Buyer shall be entitled to request a refund in accordance with the terms and conditions currently applicable to that Digital Ticket. The recipient of a transferred Digital Ticket may never claim a refund. Atlas International Network will exclusively inform the original Buyer about matters relating to the Ticket and the Event. It is the responsibility of the original Buyer to share this information with the recipients of transferred Digital Tickets.
c. The tool for transferring Digital Tickets via MyAccount can only be used to transfer a Digital Ticket. It is not possible to transfer Upsells purchased together with a Digital Ticket or other non-Ticket elements.
d. If Atlas International Network has reason to suspect a Digital Ticket is being transferred or used fraudulently, contrary to the law or any provision arising from the applicable General Terms and Conditions, then Atlas International Network will be entitled to cancel the Digital Ticket independently and/or at the request of the Organiser, or to invalidate the Ticket concerned.
e. As long as the recipient has not accepted the invitation to transfer the Digital Ticket, you may withdraw the invitation. At the time the invitation is accepted by the recipient, the Digital Ticket is transferred.
f. Please note: once the recipient accepts the invitation to transfer the Digital Ticket, you may not (i) use this Digital Ticket to give yourself access to the event, (ii) cancel the transfer of this Digital Ticket or reclaim the Digital Ticket – a new Digital Ticket with a new bar code will be issued to the recipient – and/or (iii) offer the Digital Ticket for sale or transfer it to another party. In the event that a Digital Ticket is transferred several times (i.e. successively), only the Digital Ticket of the last transfer entitles the holder admission to the Event. All bar codes of the previously transferred Digital Tickets will become invalid.

09. Intellectual Property Rights

a. The intellectual property rights vested in the Ticket of Atlas International Network belong to Atlas International Network or its licensor. The Buyer shall refrain from conduct by which rights or other pertinent interests of Atlas International Network or its licensor could be harmed.
b. The Buyer is not permitted to remove from or change on the Ticket any designation concerning copyrights, brands, trade names or other industrial property rights, or to make any change in the form or any other characteristic feature of the Ticket.
c. The Buyer is forbidden to falsify, copy or in any way reproduce the Ticket.
d. The Agreement does not transfer any intellectual property right from Atlas International Network to the Buyer.

10. Privacy

a. The Buyer is deemed to have taken note of the privacy statement of Atlas International Network that can be viewed on this website and to consent to the processing operations described there concerning the personal data stated by the Buyer.

11. Force majeure

a. Force Majeure is understood to be any shortcoming which cannot be attributed to Atlas International Network, because it is not due to fault on its part and cannot be ascribed to it under the law, legal transaction or by convention.
b. Without prejudice to the other rights to which it is entitled, Atlas International Network shall in the case of force majeure have the right to suspend performance of the order of the Buyer, by notifying this in writing to the Buyer, without Atlas International Network being obliged to pay any compensation, unless this would be unacceptable in the given circumstances according to standards of reasonableness and fairness.

12. Applicable law and competent court

a. The laws of Belgium will apply to all agreements with Atlas International Network.
b. All disputes that may arise in connection with the agreement or the General Terms and Conditions applicable to it shall exclusively be submitted to the competent court in Brussels.

13. Right to refuse admission

Organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to the venue, or to remove any person from the venue for reasons of public safety (including crowd surfing or moshing, or failure to comply with any measures put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19), any unacceptable behaviour likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury, or for any breach of the Organiser´s terms and conditions, and they will not be entitled to a refund.

14. Cancellation Policy

Cancellations after April 1st 2022 will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations as of May 1st 2022 will not be entitled to any refund.